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The Blues: A Film Series
Charley Patton 1891-1934
Country Girls, Classic Blues, Vaudeville Voices
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Robert Johnson 1911-1938
Me and Mr. Johnson
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High Lonesome Sound
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Shirley Collins
Shirley Collins

her official website

a five part interview

When this album was first
released in 1971, it was regarded
as adventurous, combining a
traditional English singer with
25 musicians, some from
 a folk background, others from
the fields of contemporary rock
and early music.
from our Ashley Hutchings website

or Traditional Adventures, or...
...hmmm... We wandered down
this lane, and took a left turn
somewhere, and ended up here.
There are a few familiar names,
 but for the most part, the singers
featured  are unknown, or to
be more correct, known only to
those who have, to quote a page
title from another of our websites,
An Open Ear On The Past.
this from our
Rise Up Like The Sun website

The story of Bob Copper
and the Copper Family,
one of the stalwarts of
English folk music, and the
remarkable tale of their
songs' continuing influence.
shown on BBC 4
in October of 2004

an introduction to 
to one very incredible online magazine,
celebrating all aspects of traditional
music, from all parts of the world.
yet another page from our
Rise Up Like The Sun website

Other Folk

Station St. Lewes, East Sussex
The events that take place
every Thursday in the
well-appointed upstairs room
 at the Royal Oak
are intended to encourage
the performance of
traditional music and song,
and do they ever, so if you're
in their neck of the woods
find your way there

The music is quite simply, a joy
to listen to, wonderful tunes, played
with bags of energy and bounce.
The playing has that nice raw edge
... ...the record is a delight
Rod Stradling

where we got the
Swarbometer from

The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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