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Goin' Down The Road

Eric Clapton

There is not a whole lot that can or will be said, at this point in the proceedings, it's all been said before, in a million ways, the words have been sung in a thousand places on  one thousand and one nights, to twenty-five people, to two hundred and fifty thousand people, the number didn't matter then, it doesn't matter now, you played the way you played and we listened, took it in, drank it in, and sang the words back to you in a triumphal echo of joy and celebration, hands raised high, the lighted flames. The then, the now, past, present future, brought together in a single bent note, in a bottle-neck slide, You gave, we took, you gave again, we took, and gave back, still giving, still giving back, after all these years. It has been said that at one point armageddon broke loose, and it is said it will happen once more in the place where things ended, they will come to pass, albeit briefly, once more. We still listen, you still play, the years roll on and the road continues ever on.


Eric, a smile, a guitar, guitar case and chair

Eric sitting down

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John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton

Disraeli Gears  1967

Wheels of Fire 1968

Unplugged 1992

Riding With The King 2000

One More Car, One More Rider. 2002

Me and Mr. Johnson.  2004

The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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