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Sweetheart of The Rodeo

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The Byrds at The Grand Ol' Opry. 1968

Roger McGuinn: vocals, guitar
Chris Hillman: vocals, bass, mandolin
Gram Parsons: guitar
Kevin Kelley: drums

Earl "Les" Ball: piano
Jon Corneal: drums
Lloyd Green: steel guitar
John Hartford: banjo, guitar, fiddle
Roy M. Huskey: bass
Jay Dee Maness: steel guitar
Clarence White : guitar


"You Ain't Going Nowhere":
Bob Dylan
Rec. date: March 9, 1968

"I Am A Pilgrim":
Traditional, arranged by Roger
McGuinn and Chris Hillman
Rec. date: March 13, 1968

"The Christian Life":
Charles and Ira Louvin
Rec. date: April 24, 1968

"You Don't Miss Your Water":
William Bell
Rec. date: April 15, 1968

"You're Still On My Mind":
L. McDaniel
Rec. date: April 17, 1968

"Pretty Boy Floyd":
Woody Guthrie
Rec. date: March 12, 1968

"Hickory Wind":
Gram Parsons and Bob Buchanan
Rec. date: March 9, 1968

"One Hundred Years From Now":
Gram Parsons
Rec. date: May 27, 1968

"Blue Canadian Rockies":
C. Walker
Rec. date: April 24, 1968

"Life in Prison":
Merle Haggard and J. Sanders
Rec. date: April 4, 1968

"Nothing Was Delivered":
Bob Dylan
Rec. date: March 15, 1968

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Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 1968
Original Columbia LP Release: August 1968. CS 9670 Expanded Edition CD Release: March 1997. CK 6515

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The Byrds 1968

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Rose Maddox. Sweetheart Of The Rodeo

the one and only, the great
Rose Maddox

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