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In The Country Of Country
Hickory Wind
Sweetheart of The Rodeo
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Iris DeMent
Blues Odyssey
Goin' Down To The Crossroads
The Blues: A Film Series
Charley Patton 1891-1934
Country Girls, Classic Blues, Vaudeville Voices
Memphis Minnie 1897-1973
Robert Johnson 1911-1938
Me and Mr. Johnson
Eric Clapton
High Lonesome Sound
The Rankins
Deeper English Traditions
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Beachd Alastair

  • Jimmy Rankin (vocals, guitar)
  • John Morris Rankin (piano, fiddle) 1959 - 2000
  • Cookie Rankin (vocals)
  • Raylene Rankin (vocals)
  • Heather Rankin (vocals)
  • Discography
    1989 The Rankin Family (independent)

    1990 Fare Thee Well Love (independent)

    1992 Fare Thee Well Love [CD re-issue] (Capitol)
    1992 The Rankin Family [CD re-issue] (Capitol)

    1993 North Country (EMI)

    1995 Endless Seasons (EMI)
    1995 Grey Dusk Of Eve (EMI)

    1996 Collection (EMI)

    1997 Do You Hear...Christmas (EMI)

    1998 Uprooted (EMI)
    2003 Souvenir (EMI)

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    The Rankin Family 1989 [independent]

    Fair Thee Well Love 1990 [independent]

    North Country. 1993 [EMI]

    Grey Dusk of Eve. 1995 [EMI]
    limited edition ep

     Endless Seasons 1995 (EMI)

    The Rankins Collection 1996 [EMI]

    Do You Hear... The Rankin Sisters.  1997 [EMI]

    Uprooted 1998 [EMI]

    Souvenir.1989 - 1998. 2003 [EMI]

    Lambs In Spring. Raylene Rankin. October 2003

    The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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