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Gram Parsons Official Website

"A defining moment in the synthesis of country and rock."
Replay Magazine, reviewing Sweetheart of The Rodeo

Cosmic American Music

Gram Parsons

Hickory Wind: Life and Times of Gram Parsons

The Byrds. 1968 . with Gram Parsons

Sweetheart of The Rodeo. click to see larger image
Original Columbia LP Release: August 1968. CS 9670 Expanded Edition CD Release: March 1997. CK 6515

the music you hear:
Mr. Bojangles.
The Byrds

is one of the most influential albums
in American Popular Music History

the Byrds fast became a quintessential
American music experience.


Thirty years after his untimely death,
 BBC Four presented this, the
first-ever documentary film
about the musical legend
Gram Parsons.

The Gram Parsons project is
based on a simple idea:
to convey a rounded, in-depth
portrait of this massively influential
musican by tapping into the
recollections of those who
knew and worked with him.
An incredible find.

G.P 1973
Reprise Records MS 2123 1973

Grievous Angel 1974
Reprise Records MS 2171 1974

Gram Parsons and The Fallen Angels Live. 1973
Sierra Records 35565 6002 2. recorded 1973

a tribute to gram parsons 1999
Almo Sounds CD AMSD-80024 1999

related internet links

our website on the
band of whom it can
be said, were also
instrumental in the  synthesis
of country and rock

is currently ringleader of
a much published freelance writer,
 a experienced DJ,
 a noted record producer,
and all round nice guy.

GP, Grievous Angel.
Fallen Angels Live.
she was there through it all

with Gram Parsons in
The Byrds and
The Flying Burrito Brothers

This roots rock band 
 was formed in Los Angeles
 by guitarist Ryan Hedgecock
and singer Maria Mckee

official webpage.
at Sid Griffin's website.
he's also part of this
as well

pictures from Glastonbury 2004

The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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