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Roots Links

In The Country Of Country
Hickory Wind
Sweetheart of The Rodeo
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Iris DeMent
Blues Odyssey
Goin' Down To The Crossroads
The Blues: A Film Series
Charley Patton 1891-1934
Country Girls, Classic Blues, Vaudeville Voices
Memphis Minnie 1897-1973
Robert Johnson 1911-1938
Me and Mr. Johnson
Eric Clapton
High Lonesome Sound
The Rankins
Deeper English Traditions
Musical Traditions
Roots Links

Blues Odyssey

More Music

an on-going attempt to index information
on the World Wide Web has become
 one of the best sources for
features and reviews of roots
music and related information,
local, regional, national and even
international. together with Memphis Mojo,
we've got everything covered.
music, people, places, the works.

the name and content
says it all about this
fantastic music website

"If I want to wang dang rock 'n' roll
at 69 years old, dressed up in an antebellum
dress, it ain't nobody's business
but mine"
so there!
check out this Country Grrl!

 blues lyrics, plus a whole
lot of other useful information

On our trip through the
Lower Mississippi Valley
and this website,
we will learn about the
 blues and the local musicians
who catapulted this
art form to international prominence.

traditional, classic
and alternative(whatever that is)
country music website

People and Places

everything you want and
need to know about Memphis
and then some.

The Delta Cultural Center has undertaken
the ambitious mission of
 preserving, interpreting and
presenting the heritage and culture
of the Arkansas Delta.
an astounding find!

Formerly the Yazoo and Mississippi
River Valley Railroad Depot,
and later the Illinois Central
Railroad Freight Depot,
this circa 1918 brick building
has been totally rehabilitated
to serve the Clarksdale, Mississippi 
and the world of blues music.

The Blues Foundation, in Memphis, Tennessee

A BIG Bagful of Songs

The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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