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The Blues: A Film Series

In The Country Of Country
Hickory Wind
Sweetheart of The Rodeo
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Iris DeMent
Blues Odyssey
Goin' Down To The Crossroads
The Blues: A Film Series
Charley Patton 1891-1934
Country Girls, Classic Blues, Vaudeville Voices
Memphis Minnie 1897-1973
Robert Johnson 1911-1938
Me and Mr. Johnson
Eric Clapton
High Lonesome Sound
The Rankins
Deeper English Traditions
Musical Traditions
Roots Links

Little Walter. 1930-1968

The seven-part film series includes:

Feel Like Going Home by Martin Scorsese

The Soul of a Man by Wim Wenders

The Road to Memphis by Richard Pearce

Warming by the Devil's Fire by Charles Burnett

Godfathers and Sons by Marc Levin

Red, White and Blues by Mike Figgis

Piano Blues by Clint Eastwood

The Blues: A Film Series

sheet music, lots of blues here

Women In The Blues

the official online home of
British blues legend Zoot Money.

the BBC website


The Folk Roots, New Routes 
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